The Tests

Theory Test

The theory test can be taken from the age of 17 and must be passed before a practical driving test can be booked (you will be asked for your theory test pass certificate number when booking).

The theory test itself consists of two sections - a set of questions and a set of hazard perception videos. You must score at least 43 out of 50 on the question set and at least 44 out of 70 on the hazard perception videos.

When taking the theory test you will need to take along the booking confirmation letter that you will receive from the Driving Standards Agency and also both parts of your provisional license (both the paper license and the photo card). Without these items you will not be allowed to take the theory test.

The cost of the theory test is £25.00

The nearest theory test centre is local and in Blackpool.

Mock theory test
Some Helpful Advice

Practical Test

On the day of your test you will have an hour's lesson beforehand, just to familiarise yourself with the area around the test centre and to check that all your skills are in order. Therefore you need to pay for a 2 hour lesson and your test fee. If you would like me to sit in the car whilst you go on test I can do. The test centre that will be used is the Blackpool Driving Test Centre, Blackpool. Before the test begins the examiner will ask you one of the Show Me/Tell Me question combinations, but don't worry - this will all be explained well in advance of your test.

The test itself lasts around 40 minutes and you will usually be asked to perform two of four maneuvers:
  • A parallel park behind a parked car.
  • A turn in the road (often referred to as a 'three-point turn') .
  • A left-hand reverse around a corner.
  • A bay park.
The examiner may also ask you to perform an emergency stop. All of these maneuvers will be covered fully in your lessons, and you will be discouraged from taking your test until I believe that you can perform them to a standard that will enable you to pass the driving test.

During the test the examiner is watching the standard of your driving but also your awareness of the road ahead and situations occurring around you. You are allowed to make 15 minor faults, so long as you do not make the same minor fault three times. I will go through this more fully with you as you near test standard.

The cost of the driving test is £62.00 on weekdays, and £75.00 at the weekend

Online Booking

You can book your theory test online here.